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Thursday 21st February @ 7:00 PM UK/ 4:00pm EST/ 9:00pm EET

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What You Will Learn on This Free Video Masterclass









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You haven’t dated in a long time, because you were busy in your career, enjoying life, focusing on your kids or healing from divorce or a breakup and although you’re ready now, you’re uncertain about how and where to begin.


You’ve dipped in and out of dating, and feel disappointed and disheartened because it feels so hard to meet a quality man you genuinely connect with, so you’re losing hope that that you will meet the partner perfect for you.


You’re ready and open for a new relationship and want to feel confident, empowered and secure  the smart way date so that you avoid wasting time  or making  a mistake on the wrong men  


You’re not prepared to leave your relationship destiny to chance, wishful thinking, luck, manifestations and visualisations. You’re ready to be intentional, purposeful and take smart  action  .

What You Will Learn on This Free Masterclass

Love.Smart Key #1

How to eliminate the 4 unconscious dating  blocks secretly sabotaging your dating and relationship success so that you feel empowered and in control of your dating experience and move forward in Love.  

Love.Smart Key #2

The 4 Truths that all smart single women must know  about Modern Dating so that you eliminate your confusion, magnetise your high value and manage your expectations when navigating modern dating. 

Love.Smart Key #3

The 5 superpowers that you need to leverage to empower you at each stage of your dating journey so that you attract the partner perfect for you, and filter out the wrong ones fast.   

Love.Smart Key #4

The single most important mindset shift that all women with drama free dating lives practice daily that will change your outlook on how you approach dating and the trajectory of your Relationship Destiny.   


Having had failed relationships in the past I was looking for guidance in how to meet the right man, how to know he would be suitable for me without simply falling into a relationship.

Maria provided practical tools for me to use to understand exactly what I was looking for, define clear standards and values. These tools showed me how to be mindful about men on the first few dates, how to ask the right questions and listen to what is being said and what is not being said. Giving me the confidence to be more discerning about who I would like to invest my time and energy with.

I feel more confident in myself as a high-value woman, believing that I deserve a good man and understanding my standards and values. I realised I need to show these standards through my actions rather than just have them clear in my mind.


My Goal was to become Dating ready within 6 weeks. Due to previous relationships, I was wary of dating, and not confident in my ability to spot dates who were unsuitable.

Maria has coached me from being someone who is was quite nervous about returning to the dating scene, to be a confident and enthusiastic dater in 5 weeks.

I thought I would then go away and utilise this information in a few years time when I had got fed up with being single. After 5 weeks, I had created profiles on two different dating sites, was receiving huge amounts of likes and messages and had been on 4 dates with three different men. And I’ve now met a lovely man that I see a long-term commitment with, and we’re enjoying getting to know each other.


My anxiety about re-entering the world of dating after a very long-term relationship. Not knowing where or how to even begin dating again made me actually avoid it completely. Even though I felt ready to meet someone new I could not bring myself to take any steps towards starting to date.

Maria has helped me gain the confidence to feel I can enter what was for me the “alien world” of dating and not only enjoy it but successfully achieve my goal of finding my life partner. With ease she one by one brought down the barriers that were my insecurities and helped me chart a practical and successful course to take.

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